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ABArray FAQs

What data is available on ABArray? The data array dashboard contains multiple pages with charts and graphs displaying data related to legal aid funding and poverty across the United States, currently from 2003-2017. The data displayed here are aggregated at the national level. For state level data, contact the site administrators at

How do I advance to view subsequent pages? To advance to subsequent pages, click the arrows located at the bottom left corner of the data array dashboard.

How do I interact with the data? On pages that have interactive components, select the year of interest by clicking the year in the filter component located on the left side of the page; the charts on that page will adjust to reflect any of the years with a check mark.

How do I download the data? Once you have selected your year(s) of interest, float your cursor over the top right corner of the dashboard until three dots appear. Click those dots for download options. Note that this function works best when viewed in a Google Chrome web browser.

When will new data be added? Data collections occur on an annual basis and will be added to the dashboard as soon as they are available. Funding data for 2018 and 2019 is currently being collected from programs nationwide and will be incorporated into the data array dashboard soon.

How do I find out more about the data collection and analysis methodology? There is an appendix on the last page of the dashboard that describes the methodology. Any additional questions can be directed to the ABArray administrators at